If I Don’t Make You Angry

Photo by Allan Filipe Santos Dias on Unsplash

If I do not make you angry

then you do not love me.


not in the entire history of the sea

has there been a sailor

who has not spewed vitriol

at the very waves he loves so.


has there been a rider

who did not swear in anger

at his horse

to which he owes his life.

And so it is,


that love deepens our hearts


There are no feelings

more or less holy

in the eyes of Love.

It is our duty to feel

and should we attempt to shirk

this sacred responsibility

Love will certainly draw forth

from the depths of our being

all of the requisite emotions

in order to craft a life well-lived.

So I say, if I do not make you angry

at least once in a while

then you do not love me.