A Love That Won’t Stand Down

Here we are at last, Beloved,

vulnerable and naked atop this mountain

as from all directions at once

the wind whips faceless thunderhead clouds

into frightful, fearsome foes.

We’ve been climbing for lifetimes,

flying on wings of solar rays and starshine

bobbing ever-upward

buoyant amidst the affectionate collision

we can’t seem to avoid.

So here we are at last, my dear,

and I can’t help but chuckle

that our heights atop this mountain

hard-won and harrowing

are the very same which have delivered us

to such perilous exposure.

Standing tall, but surrounded

attuned to our weakness, but also grounded,

we are left with nowhere to climb

no shelter to be found

and seemingly nowhere to go

but down.

But this is not how our story ends.

An uncommon greatness awaits us.

The wind herself whispered me this truth.

So climb into the shelter of my chest.

Find these ribcage rafters strong and spacious.

The drum of my heart your reminder

that I am still fighting.

Reach into my arms and become my embrace.

Feel the ecstasy my hands know so well as they

wander every peak and valley of your body’s mountains.

Take refuge in this throat from which

my songs for you find their voice.

Drift to sleep awash in the melodies

that breathe wind beneath my wings.

As this tempest rages and our footing begins to crumble

dive into my body where we will both be safe.

Slip into my skin as you do every night

as we lay down to sleep

and find my fortitude

purpose-built for loving you.

Here we are at last, Beloved,

I feel us taking flight.

If ever God was on our side

tonight would be that night.

These storms have come to measure us

against the greatness we are owed.

On only those who measure up

will greatness be bestowed.

And as we fly ever upwards

and out across the vast landscapes

of all we’ve overcome,

we find the wild winds themselves

have decided:

We are worth their wailing.

So they scream towards the sky

and tousle our feathers

making easy work of soaring.

As we, the wind and the wilderness

grin devilishly at the glorious providence

of a love that won’t stand down.

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

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